Helping you help yourself.
Web Apps
Desktop apps are Yesterday
83% of all tasks that used to be done on a computer now can be done using the browser. Check out my TodoApp made with python.
Latest Portfolio
Check out My Works
Just some of the latest works that I am allowed to display. Feel free to browse some of the work that I have completed for my clients.
Machine Learning
Artificial Intelligence is the Future
Ai Bots that handle everything are quickly being integrated into most businesses. Have a conversation with my Ai Chatbot.
  • Web Design Aesthetic
    Competing for all the Attention

    The average attention span of people in 2020 is 8 seconds, first impressions are key towards engaging with customers.

  • Social Media
    Everyone is connected

    In the age of the world wide web, connectivity has reached new levels. To upgrade is it vital to plug in synergistically.

  • Solid Experience
    20 years in the making

    With experience in the industry since I was 8 years old, I help you keep up with the latest trend and move on from obsolescence.

  • Driven by Excellence
    Keeping you on track

    With the IT industry constantly skyrocketing yet evolving in unexpected ways, it becomes vital to have a consultant on retainer.

of Love

Love what you do and you will never have to work a day in your life. I chose the freelancer life, as I love bringing opportunities and expertise to the everyday businessman. To take a business to the next level, there is no better feeling. Nothing comes close to the feeling and pride when I see one of my creations expand business for my clients. It’s not about the money, its about the value that web design brings. It’s about the lives that I can change.

What I am About
Explore the Possibilities
Dual monitor web design setup with dual speakers on the side and camera.
Happy clients
Local and International
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Constant updates & improvements
Days in action
Constantly learning & innovating
Cans of Redbull
Needs wings to fly

to achieve

It is vital to keep moving forward and I love helping people move past their weaknesses and thrive. Help find their strengths, and help them bring their product or service to more people.